Profile: Codefirst: Girls

Codefirst:Girls is an organisation working with companies and young women with the intention of increasing the number of women working in tech and entrepreneurship, which they aim to achiece by doing the following three things:

1. We support young and professional  women to develop further personal and professional skills. This includes technical skills in coding and programming as well as personal skills. 

2. We connect young women to a community of other talented and like minded women who can support and accompany them through their professional development.

3. We help companies train their people, and develop their talent management policies and processes so they don’t miss out on amazing female tech talent. 

They have a focus for training the community, professionals and corporations to better attract and retain female STEM talent as well as holding events for connecting young women to talented likeminded women to support them. They also have have some interesting blog posts interviewing established women in STEM for you to take a look at. 

Posted on Tuesday Apr 5