Consultancy and Advice

STEM Women can offer employers consultancy that relates to their specific graduate campaigns. This begins with a visit to your company offices where we will meet with your recruitment team so that we fully understand the type of vacancies that you have available, how you market them and who you target.

We have three standard services that are described below. Employers can select one or more services based on their needs and budgets. We can provide a one off charge for consultancy work or work on an ongoing basis.

Please contact us at to request a current price list or if you require further details relating to the services.


Market Research:
  • Initial Consultancy: We will access data that shows the number of female students on each course. We will rank suitable courses based on their gender mix.
  • Ongoing Options: We can conduct monthly reviews, identifying gender shortfalls by subject area. We can then create a revised list of courses to target.
Paid Promotion:
  • Initial Consultancy: We will help identify and/or create content that can be shared with the STEM Women social media community. We will also introduce the content to influencers who are likely to share it with their followers 
  • Ongoing Options: We can produce ongoing campaign management, adjusting the overall strategy and spend based on performance and ROI
Social Outreach:
  • Initial Consultancy: We will identify content that can be promoted to a female only audience and create campaigns across Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Ongoing Options: We can produce and/or promote new content every month, ensuring that it is outreached to appropriate influencers.