Email Targetting

We promote our own job board, The site focusses exclusively on careers for candidates from the STEM disciplines and our female initiatives ensure that it receives a more balanced mix of male/female visitors than competitor sites. Employers can pay to advertise on and can emailshot registered candidates (it is possible to target females by subject and graduation year).

Our rate card prices, site visit statistics and mailing list numbers are updated each month.

Please email to obtain the current figures.

Job Board focuses on a small number of degree courses and provides highly relevant, targeted content that appeals to our visitors. We focus on providing a user experience that is consistent across web, mobile and tablet devices. 

Our job board service enables employers to place an advert on our site and receive direct applications from students and/or graduates. Employers can post a job on our site that contains a link which directs applicants to their company website or receive applications via email. 

We run many different female initiatives to ensure that receives a more balanced mix of male/female visitors than competitor sites


Employers can send a bespoke html email to selected students or graduates based on subject, gender, graduation year and university.

Companies can also add content to a general fortnightly emailshot that will be sent to all female students and graduates.

In order to avoid “spamming” issues and to ensure a high “open rate” we will limit the number of emails that a student / graduate can receive to one per week throughout 2017.