Graduate Software Developer

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Graduate Job - Named Employer

At Expedia our mission is to revolutionise travel through the power of technology.
Put your software in front of millions of travellers across more than 30 countries worldwide! From the back-end supply and database functions, to new user-interfaces for our more than 140 branded travel sites, there is no shortage of technical innovation.

Expedia has a rich engineering heritage. We were born inside Microsoft during the mid 1990s on a custom C platform, long before most of the popular web platforms in use today existed. Today we use many more tools and techniques to bring our experience to life as we build services and applications that are highly scalable and available to process billions of requests serving millions of customers every day.

As a Software Developer at Expedia, you will work within an agile software delivery team developing technology that powers travel for millions of people every month. Continuously pushing the system to its limits, we work on the cutting edge to quickly implement new features in front of customers within a matter of days. Data is at the centre of everything we do; personalising the experience of our customers with near real-time decision making.

Expedia's Graduate programme will commence in September 2017, and is a full-time, permanent opportunity. 

Your daily itinerary:
•    You will operate in a continuously improving agile environment, within small teams using either Scrum or Kanban
•    Using different front-end and/or back-end technologies, your main responsibilities will be to participate in projects, implementing and executing stories; using Agile development methodologies such as TDD and Pair Programming.
•    Collaborating with your team of colleagues to design and build software solutions and features, you will be directly involved in delivering software solutions to business stakeholders, in addition to investigating and resolving software issues.

What we're looking for in you:
•    A genuine passion: for software development, with demonstrated project and/or work experience
•    You’re a team player with great communication skills, enthusiastic about Collaborative Team Delivery and working with colleagues across varied disciplines and skill-sets.
•    Education: In progress, Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science or similar
•    Technical Skills: As a base, you have experience with Java, Scala, and/or similar languages. If you’re front-end inclined: HTML, JS, CSS, Ajax (including performance, accessibility, and usability).
•    You’re curious about Software Development topics such as DDD, OO Design and other best practices.
•    Personal Skills: You learn new concepts quickly. You are keen to learn and share knowledge with others.
•    You are great at problem solving. You find simple and practical solutions to complex problems

Why start your career in Technology at Expedia?
•    We combine a start-up feel with global scale and global opportunities.
•    We're re-inventing online travel, one day at a time - it's an exciting challenge.
•    We define the questions, not the answers, for an industry changing every day. Isn't that cool?
•    Our tech stack is awesome and keeps up with the recent innovations in the industry
•    We live and breathe open source; we use open source technologies and yes, we contribute
•    We are social. We love catching up at company breakfasts, evening drinks, and off-site events.
•    We have been voted #1 Best Place to Work in the UK (2016) by Glassdoor!