Recruitment Consultancy

We have unrivalled access to students and graduates from STEM disciplines. Our team of recruitment consultants can provide all female or gender balanced candidate shortlists based on your brief. Our flexible pricing allows employers to pay an agreed rate for us to deliver a specified number of candidates or we can charge on a fee per placement basis.

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t: 0151 236 8000


We can work with your internal recruiters on a fee per day worked. This can involve sending a shortlist of pre-screened CVs to the hiring manager or we can introduce opportunities to suitable applicants so that they apply directly.


We can charge an agreed amount to introduce vacancies to suitable candidates and guarantee a minimum number of applications and/or interviews. This approach can work well for employer’s with a large number of vacancies to fill.


We can identify candidates who are suitable for a role and charge on a fee per placement basis. We can work in this way to introduce students to a graduate scheme or we can identify recent graduates seeking an immediate start.

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