Which Universities Have The Most Female STEM Students And Why Does It Matter?


Using HESA data* we have ranked the top six UK universities according to the percentage of female students on their STEM courses. The results are useful for a variety of readers and will interest prospective students, hiring organisations and other universities.




The awareness of the gender gap in STEM careers continues to grow and companies are increasing their efforts to diversify their workforce. The data provided can enable companies to modify their campaigns and to target the female pool of sought after candidates. Pop up events, careers fair visits and advertising ROI can be improved through understanding which universities are the best at attracting and retaining STEM women.


Whilst there is no shortage of females who succeed in STEM subjects in their school years, data shows they drop off the higher up the education ladder they go. Women looking to study a STEM subject at university may well use this data to choose a university where they will be part of a female community.


Universities should benchmark their courses and ensure that they are achieving a gender balanced intake for each subject. If they can present themselves as a diverse, inclusive institution then this will help attract future students and will improve their employer engagement. Our info-graphic shows that 48% of STEM students at the University of Reading are female, an outstanding achievement considering the various challenges facing the sector.

How STEM Women can help

We can help create and outreach engaging content so that students from various STEM disciplines become aware of your company brand and career opportunities. We have over 17,000 social followers and relationships with social influencers and university career services who share our educational content. Companies can also list their vacancies on our job board, www.stemgraduates.co.uk, which receives over 48% of its traffic from female visitors. Finally, we can provide employers with access to the data that they need to create their own “target university” list. Additionally, we use this data to ensure our own STEM Women Community Events are attended by highly sought after students and graduates.

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(*Only universities with 1000+ total STEM students have been included. Data is from HESA number of full time students studying specific principle subjects in 2015/2016. HESA services standard rounding methodology used.)