Employers – Thinking of exhibiting at a STEM Women event?

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STEM Women 

We work with employers who want to attract more applications from female university graduates in order to attain a more diverse workforce by hiring STEM Women.

We help hiring managers in recruiting a diverse workforce by introducing graduate recruiters to our female STEM community.

STEM Women runs regional events throughout the UK and we also offer a job board, CV search and applicant shortlisting service to help you hire STEM women.

Context: Why it is hard to hire STEM Women Graduates

The role of a graduate recruitment hiring manager seems to get tougher each year. There is a growing expectation for hiring managers to achieve a gender balanced graduate intake, whilst also attracting the strongest talent available and filling the required number of roles.

In some sectors, it is almost impossible to achieve ambitious hiring targets whilst also maintaining a gender balance. According to WISE, a community interest company that encourages women into STEM education and industries, for the third year in a row just 14% of engineering graduates are female and only 15% of computer scientists are female, down from 16% last year.

As a result, the competition to attract applications from talented female students is intense. Engineering, finance and tech focussed companies must take positive action in order to get women to apply for their graduate jobs and we are here to help them.

How to hire STEM Women

Positive Action: How we can help your company recruit female employees, hire STEM women and achieve gender equality in the workplace

We have grown a community of female students through developing relationships with university departments, social influencers and word of mouth.

Our STEM Women communities meet graduate employers at our regional events. Over 3,000 pre-screened female students attended one of our events last year making it the perfect place to hire STEM women.

180 companies exhibited at a STEM Women event in 2019 and we can send you an exhibitor’s event guide containing the prices for each 2020 event upon request (please fill in the form below).

Options: STEM Women female recruitment packages to suit each company

  • Exhibitor Packages – Companies can pay to exhibit at a STEM Women careers event in their region. Students approach the employers throughout the afternoon and the busy, engaging networking sessions are the highlight of each event.
  • Speaker Packages – Each event has an area for employer talks, enabling companies to speak directly to students and to participate in a panel discussion. These sessions are popular with students and employers, providing companies with an opportunity to educate students about their brand and their internship, placement and graduate scheme opportunities.
  • Sponsorship Packages – A small number of sponsorship packages are available at each of our events. These packages offer event naming rights, an invitation to speak to all attendees during a welcome talk and branding opportunities.
  • Digital and PR – Employers can list vacancies on our female recruitment website, sponsor selected jobs and place banner advertising. We can work with companies to create relevant content that can be shared via our online blogs and through our social channels. Companies can also purchase CV credits, enabling them to search our database of registered candidates and reach out to selected individuals.
  • Candidate Sourcing – We have a team of specialist recruitment consultants who offer a fee per placement or fee per assessment centre attendee service. This service is particularly well suited to companies who need to attract applicants to an assessment centre at short notice and those with an immediate graduate job that needs filling.
  • Bespoke Campaigns – We work with a small number of graduate employers who want the ultimate access to our STEM Women Community. Our STEM Women team can contact selected students on behalf or our clients. We can deliver applications from pre-screened students and graduates or even promote an in-house company event.

For more information about how we can help you hire STEM women, contact us today on 020 3687 1004 or get in touch here.