For Students and Graduates

Our STEM Women community events are aimed at students, graduates and professionals who identify as women and have studied a STEM subject at Bachelors, Masters or PhD level. We provide an opportunity to network with employers in an inclusive environment.

Community Events

Our events are completely free to attend and take place throughout the year in various cities. You can meet with employers keen to meet women applicants, hear inspirational keynote speakers and participate in panel discussions. 

To attend one of our events you will need to follow the steps below...

  1. Visit our events page to see if there are any events running near you.
  2. Register your interest in the event by filling out our short form.
  3. Join as a member on our site so that we can see your profile.
  4. We will be in touch to confirm your place and invite you to download a private Eventbrite ticket.
  5. Attend on the day with your Eventbrite ticket on your phone or printed out.

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Drop us an email at info@stemwomen.co.uk or call us on 0151 236 8000.

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Gender imbalance: the impact on STEM students and graduates

As any female student who has sat down in a computer science, engineering, physics or mathematics lecture will know, there are far more male students on many STEM courses. This imbalance continues beyond graduation and you may be disappointed to see that women make up just 24% of people employed in STEM industries. The figures are particularly low across IT and Engineering employers.

A gender imbalance can create a culture that holds back female employees. If you are employed in a company and most of your colleagues are male, then there may be times when you feel like an outsider and someone who doesn’t belong in their working environment or role (often referred to as imposter syndrome). Ultimately this can lead to some women leaving their industry altogether.

Employers: change is happening, but how quickly?

Inclusive and diverse working environments result in stronger teams, better decision making and increased profits. Most companies have reacted by addressing diversity and this can be seen in the D&I / inclusivity statements that appear on most corporate websites, but don’t be misled into thinking that the problem has been solved.

The fact that there are fewer women leading FTSE 100 firms than men called John does indicate that progress is slow and suggests that statements appearing on a website do not always result in genuine cultural change.  

Finding companies who are committed to diversity: look beyond the D&I statements and seek action!

Companies who exhibit at a STEM Women event are making a clear statement. They are acknowledging that they want an inclusive, diverse working environment and they are prepared to invest time and money in order to achieve this.

Our events provide an opportunity for you to meet with companies who want to take positive action and address any gender imbalance that they may have.  They want to meet students in person so that you can learn about their organisation and its values. 

Our Events: what you can expect

Our STEM Women events are free for students and we run autumn events in most UK regions. We provide coaches to transport students from universities that are based near to each of our event venues.

Attendees can meet with employers who are targeting female applicants (although our events are open to any student regardless of gender), hear inspirational keynote speakers and participate in panel discussions. Ultimately, however, our events inspire students to apply for graduate roles and could result in the job offer that you are hoping for!

Online Community:

Every company that exhibits at a STEM Women event also posts vacancies on our website, enabling students and graduates to find jobs roles in STEM including science graduate jobs, graduate engineer jobs, graduate maths jobs and technology based jobs even if they are unable to attend an event. You can also upload your CV and update your profile. This enables employers who search our candidate database to find you and introduce relevant roles. All we ask is that you let us know if you find a job through our website or a STEM Women event so that we can send you a gift to say congratulations and highlight your story on our website!

We list all our event dates on our website, but you can be the first to hear about our events by registering on our site and opting to receive our newsletter. You can also follow us on social media and sign up to attend an event in your region.